Lively, Engaging Content that Reflects the Unique Style of Your Business.

Creative content is a crucial ingredient for keeping your visitors entertained (and clicking). Yes, the old adage still rings true: ‘Content is king’.

When creating content you want to have broad appeal, keep the language simple and the explanations straightforward.

What you want to aim for is content with a certain level of ‘stickiness’. That means, having done all the hard work enticing visitors to your content, they’ll stick around, browse through other content and take the time to connect with you. Hopefully by picking up the phone, making a purchase or submitting a form or commenting on a post or video.

Here are our Top 7 copywriting wise-ups to make sure your message is being received by as many people as possible.

  1. Keep it simple
    Use basic language and, once you’ve finished your content, scour all copy, replacing complex terms with words that are easy to understand.
  2. Keep it short
    You’re not writing a novel. You’re there (generally) to give a snapshot of your business, products, services, offer value, and to hopefully provide some entertainment. Use bullet points, keep sentences to 30 words or less, and if you must get all literary on us, make use of “Read More” buttons. Guaranteed a good editor could trim more than half the words from almost any article and still convey your key message – so cut out the excess.
  3. Avoid jargon
    Nothing is more off-putting than an article with words you have to Google to understand. Where possible use terms anyone’s going to understand, even when explaining technical or complex ideas.
  4. Use relevant imagery
    Icons, photos and illustrations help make sense of the words and contribute to overall understanding. We’ve read some interesting stats that indicate that images will hold interest over the written word for about two-thirds of the population. So be sure to add images that are relevant to your written content.
  5. Add video
    Instructional videos, informational videos, and entertainment videos are extremely popular and growing more so every day. Supplement with written instructions.
  6. Make your “call to action” clear
    If you want your customers to ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Get a Quote’ or ‘Enquire Now’ then you need to make it clear. This comes down to providing the right information and making it obvious what they should do. No point burying your call to action in text; big, bright buttons are in order.
  7. Proof read
    Get your receptionist or your builder or your spouse to read over what you’ve written. They’ll soon tell you if they don’t understand what you’ve said. Spelting and punctuation is, kinda important to. See that sentence sucked and I bet you were all over it too.

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