Lynx Property Group Case Study

Project Type: Website and Brand Development | Content Creation


To design and craft a captivating online presence for Lynx Property Group, Peregian Springs, Sunshine Coast that mirrors their position as premier property professionals in the area while optimising for search and user experience. By combining modern web design practices with strategic content creation, and compelling photography and videography, Lynx Property Group’s online presence will truly reflect its stature as a leading property group in Peregian Springs, Sunshine Coast.


Lynx Property Group has set the standard for property dealings in Peregian Springs, Sunshine Coast. With their vast portfolio, impressive track record, and unwavering commitment to clients, they seek a redefined online identity. The objective is to create a website that not only showcases their properties but also highlights their offerings in a contemporary and dynamic manner. This will include developing an SEO-friendly platform, integrating top-notch content creation, and offering a visual treat with professional photography and videography.


A multi-pronged approach will be adopted:
  1. Website Design and Development: A responsive, user-friendly website that captures the essence of Peregian Springs while making it easy for visitors to navigate and find properties will be designed. The site will be optimized for search engines with keyword-rich content, ensuring Lynx Property Group stands out in the crowded property market.
  2. Content Creation: SEO-driven content that speaks to Lynx’s audience, tells their brand story, and showcases their property listings will be developed. This content will serve as a resource for both buyers and sellers, highlighting the advantages of working with Lynx Property Group.
  3. Photography: High-quality photographs capturing the true essence of each property will be taken. Each image will showcase properties in the best light, offering website visitors an immersive experience and a genuine feel of what to expect.
  4. Videography: Cinematic property tours will be developed, offering prospective buyers a virtual walkthrough of Lynx’s properties. These videos will serve as a compelling selling tool, enabling viewers to envision their life in these homes.


Website Design | Photography | Videography | Copy Writing | Content Creation | Online Marketing | Brand Development

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