Central Gippsland Health Case Study

Project Type: Repair, Rebuild and Security Hardening for a Deprecated Website CMS


To undertake an extensive repair, rebuild, and security hardening process for Central Gippsland Health’s deprecated website CMS, ensuring it stands strong against cyber threats and offers an enhanced user experience aligned with their commitment to serving the community.


Central Gippsland Health stands as a pillar of health and aged care services in the Wellington Shire, with a commitment to breaking down traditional barriers and focusing on patient-centered service delivery. Their extensive reach and pivotal role in the community necessitate a digital platform that’s not only functional and user-friendly but also fortified against potential cyber threats. The objective is to revamp their existing CMS, infusing it with modern website security measures, ensuring the safety of both the health service’s information and its users, all while optimizing for keywords related to “website security” and “CMS rebuild.”


A comprehensive approach is needed:
  1. CMS Rebuild: Central Gippsland Health’s CMS will be rebuilt from the ground up, optimizing it for speed, user experience, and compatibility. This process will also ensure that the CMS becomes a responsive platform, catering to users from various devices, including mobiles and tablets. Keywords focusing on “CMS rebuild” will be integrated seamlessly into the backend and frontend, ensuring search engine visibility.
  2. Website Security: Given the critical nature of health data and patient information, robust security protocols will be implemented. This includes advanced encryption, firewall protections, regular security audits, and continuous monitoring for potential vulnerabilities. Content on the website will also educate visitors about Central Gippsland Health’s commitment to data protection, embedding keywords related to “website security.”
  3. User-Centric Design: In alignment with Central Gippsland Health’s principle of the “active service model”, the CMS will be designed to place patients at the center. This means easy access to services, streamlined navigation, and interactive features to engage the community.
  4. Content Update: Post the CMS rebuild, updated content reflecting Central Gippsland Health’s current initiatives, Health Plan 2012-2022, and its responsiveness to the Victorian Health Priorities Framework 2012-2022 will be integrated.
  5. Location Accessibility: Ensuring clear representation and easy access for users seeking information about their various campuses, including those in Sale, Maffra, Heyfield, Rosedale, and Loch Sport.
By the end of this execution, Central Gippsland Health will have a CMS that’s not only fortified against threats but also acts as a beacon of their unwavering commitment to serving the community of Central Gippsland and beyond.


Website CMS Repair | Security Hardening

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