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Did you know “GST” should be displayed on your checkout and invoices?

This is often overlooked by new online stores, with so many do-it-yourself systems available, the out of the box store is often not setup for Australian business’, if you are GST registered there are some things you need to be aware of. Hopefully this helps. If you are selling goods in Australia you should indicate the price including GST. (Some food services are exempt). But for most GST must be displayed.

If your business is not GST registered:

Until your business exceeds an annual minimum turnover of AUD $75,000, you are not required to register for GST. In this case, you do not charge GST to your customers and the following doesn’t apply. However, read on because if you have an e-commerce website I’m guessing your aim is to make money, if you are getting the job done you’ll eventually hit that threshold.

If your business is GST registered:

If your annual turnover is over the threshold of $75,000, you are required to register for GST using your Australian Business Number (ABN). You also need to charge GST to your customers. This includes displaying the GST during the checkout process, showing your ABN and Company name on the tax invoice, and including taxes in the receipt. I’m going to give some guidance on how to set up your Australian e-commerce store for GST in 5 easy steps. Note: Depending on your website platform there may be some differences but the theory applies to all.

1. Make Sure All Your Products Are Set To “Charge Taxes”

This will tell system to reach into your Tax Settings and include them in your product’s price.

2. Set Up Your Tax Region For 10% GST In Australia

Make sure that you have Australia set to 10% GST.

3. Update Your Cart Settings To Say “GST” Instead Of Plain Old “Taxes”

A lot of platforms will be set up to display as taxes. This will need to be changed to GST.

4. Add Your Company Information Into The Order Confirmation

You are going to add three things:

  • The word “Tax Invoice” is required
  • Your Company Name
  • Your Company’s ABN (Australian Business Number)

5. Add “All prices Include GST” Somewhere Unobtrusive But Prominent On Your Checkout Page:

Where exactly? It depends on your system and theme.

Don’t forget these 5 things your Australian E-commerce website is likely missing.

If this overwhelms you a bit and you need some help by all means get in touch, I’d be more than happy to discuss a solution with you.

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