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Proofing: as important to you as Redfoo

We saw this headline on 9news.com.au this morning: Redfoo chased after glassing attacker: witness.

Straight away I'm intrigued. Singer and X Factor judge Redfoo was chased after he glassed someone who attacked him? Really?

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Well no, actually. Red Foo was glassed, and then chased after his attacker, according to a witness. But you could read that heading either way and there is no spellchecker or punctuation software that could prevent that.

It goes to show the importance of having a second set of eyes to critically appraise your copy, whether it be for print or digital projects.

In the newspaper business there’s a strict process that is followed for every article that is created, with copy being written, laid out and reviewed by different people, and even then mistakes can slip through. However, we recommend that you take a similar approach to copy created for your printing and digital projects.

We usually try to avoid such practices, but in the sentence below we have deliberately inserted errors. Read carefully. How many can you find?

Scriblevison, your one-stop shop for digital markting, also offers a compleat copywriting nd proofing service for intrested buisnesses. Phone today for a quote,

If you detected three errors in that 24-word passage, you’re a little way off. Five? Getting closer. Seven? Almost.

In fact, there are eight spelling and punctuation mistakes. One for every three words.

Experts acknowledge that the English language is a complicated, contrary beast, but even if you found all eight errors in our passage above and you are capable of creating scintillating copy, we’re going to recommend you hire a proofer for that final check.

Why? Because the human brain will often skip over what it thinks it already recognises. And we here at Scribblevision have found that this is even more the case if you have written and proofed your own content. It’s all too familiar.

You might be thinking “so what, the odd mistake won’t matter”. But getting it right (not write or even rite) is about creating a level of professionalism in your communications that translates to your business as a whole.

So while potential customers might not recognise when your copy’s clear and clean, they will certainly sit up and take notice when you get it wrong.

Image credit Tennis Planet