Picture of Phill Mackie

Phill Mackie

Oi! What’s going on here then?

Oi! Have your heard? There's a brand new mag being put together by Gippslanders, for Gippslanders, right here in this vast, green region of ours.

Oi magazine, to be published six times a year, is the creation of Phillip Island journalist and publisher Roy Fleming. The first edition, launched on December 26, demonstrates what Roy promises will be the key focus of Oi: people.

Yep people - the relationships they share, the communities they build, their achievements and their trials, their glory and their pain - is the focus of the first edition.

And Oi is also unashamedly parochial, catering largely to the communities of Phillip Island and the Bass Coast.

Now it’s a bold move to launch a new print product in this information-saturated digital age. Not only is there plenty of competition for your attention, but the affairs of the world seem increasingly to  be  undertaken online.

But what Roy’s betting on is a  yearning to switch off. Especially when it comes to the  precious “relax and recharge” moments.

And we agree …  print, and in particular quality print publications, is  a medium that we’re convinced will not only survive but thrive as people realise their craving for the authentic, the beautiful, the sensual attributes of print.

That’s why we’re so delighted to have had a formative role in the production of Oi as the design team behind the project. Right from the start Oi  captured our  imaginations. And to be given a free rein to design as we please? Well, that’s a designer’s dream.

We’re delighted with the first edition. Why not score yourself a copy of Oi and see what you reckon? We’re sure you’ll find plenty of interest, including a handy  piece  about keeping pace with web technologies by the founder of Scribblevision Phill Mackie.

To see why we’re excited, contact Oi magazine direct. You can find contact details  here: