Picture of Phill Mackie

Phill Mackie

Content is king

Here I am, the newest member of the Scribblevision team. I'm the girl who started her working life cleaning a butcher shop, took a mid-career break to pick daffodils in Cornwall, and in the baby years even attempted to earn a living selling cosmetics via party plan.

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So what am I doing here in this funky Gippsland studio surrounded by high-tech equipment, graphic designers and online developers, talking to clients about websites and print projects?

Well I am also a journalist and communications specialist with more than 20 years experience in a variety of settings including community newspapers, book publishing, websites, public relations, fundraising and customer service.

And there is one thing I have always known (even though I’m likely to be ducking missiles from the tech purists and designer geeks just for saying so).

Content is king.

Yep, you read me correctly.

Content – words and images, whether online or in print – has a direct bearing on the reputation of your business.

What informs the general public about who you are, what you do and how well you do it? Content.

What ensures your website is “sticky”, brings visitors back time and again and ensures they explore your offerings fully? Content.

What earns you your Google ranking? Content.

What engages prospective and existing clients so that they are compelled to pick up the phone? Content.

Too many businesses and community organisations underestimate the value of content and it’s role in establishing your brand, reflecting your reputation, servicing your customers and informing the public.

However, content – done well – delivers all that and more.

My mission at Scribblevision is to encourage as many Gippsland businesses and community organisations as possible to avoid content kamikaze. It’s not very pretty, I assure you.

If you’re keen to know how to make content work for you, please contact me today.