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5 ways to keep your website fresh

If you still think perms and pet rocks are trendy then I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you're living in the past. Now I'm not one to judge, but when it comes to your business, your clients may not be as forgiving.

Just like the fashion trends of the world, the web is constantly changing, and it soon becomes obvious when something is out of date.

Your website in many cases is the first point of contact with potential clients. So not only is it important to have a clean, fresh looking website, it’s also a must to ensure relevancy and ongoing usability by keeping up to date with changing technology too.

Bit concerned your website’s gone the way of the dinosaur? Here are our top five ways you can bring it back.

1. Update the look

It’s important to keep your website looking fresh. Great imagery, updated photographs, and embedded video – all supported by compelling written content – will keep visitors engaged. No one wants to look at a boxed-in website that’s overloaded with text.

2. Move it, move it

Did you know many websites built more than three years ago are not responsive? That means they might look great on your desktop but are awkward to navigate, difficult to read and downright ugly on your mobile. What’s more, websites without responsive layout are penalised by search engines such as Google. So if your site looks broken and unfriendly on 5.5″ iPhone screen, it’s likely you’re missing out – big time.

3. Declutter your site

In today’s world of parallax scrolling and carousel-based imagery, ‘the fold’ is gradually becoming a forgotten concept. It’s no longer necessary to cram as much content as possible into the top section of your website. To keep readers engaged (and clicking), opt for elegant lines, simple navigation and graphics-based interactivity. This will improve usability AND make your site look incredible.

4. Go where the people are

Just under 50% of today’s business websites are using the WordPress content management system and we are big fans. If you can’t easily update the content on your site, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Dated content becomes stale and irrelevant, discouraging visitors and dragging your search engine rankings down with it. WordPress is easy to use and offers an ever-expanding collection of widgets and templates, making it simple to add new functionality. We’re big fans.

5. Embrace new technology and trends

Ten years ago we didn’t have fancy iPhones or apps, and social media as we know it was a relatively new concept. Websites were blocky, images were blurry and we couldn’t possibly have imagined what an invaluable tool we would have right in the palm of our hand.

And the technology keeps getting better.

New technologies mean new tools to help you reach out to new people, and create innovative websites that really “wow” your audience. Make sure you take advantage.

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